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How to link your online calendar



Please follow the steps below to find your calendar URL:


VRBO Calendar instructions

FlipKey Calendar instructions

Google Calendar instructions 





  • Login into your account at  vrbo.com.
  • Click "calendar" on the left under "My Tools".



  • Click "Choose a Property"



  • Click "export calendar data" at the bottom of the screen to expand the calendar URL link.

Send us this URL and it's that simple! You’re done! 

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  • Login to your account at FlipKey.com
  • Click on ‘Listings"


  • Select the property by clicking on it.
  • Click on "Availability".


  •  Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to find the Calendar URL.

Copy and send us this URL and its that simple! You’re done! 

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  • Login to your Google Calendar


  • Mouse-over the calendar and click on the down arrow (1) then click on "share this calendar" (2)





  • Check both boxes "make this calendar public" and "share only my free/busy information" and then don’t forget to "save".





  • Click "Calendar Details".





  • Scroll down and click on the green "iCal" icon next to "Calendar address".





  • Find the calendar URL in the pop-up window.




Copy and send us this link and it’s that simple! You’re done!


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